is a new website showing the results from the Bulgarian National Lottery Games, 6/49, 6/42 and 5/35. It is translated only in Bulgarian language. The website is developed using the PHP framework Laravel.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL


Getix is a web based power market analysis service that merges fundamental data with power market know-how. We offer high resolution short term forecast of fundamentals and prices as well as an extensive history of exchanges and cross border capacity data. Getix aims to develop into a power trading social network with trading capability.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX


BETPORTAL is very known site for football predictions, betting bonuses, etc. that supports versions in four languages​​: Bulgarian, French, German and English. In this project our requirement was to do redesign the site and to rewrite all the code using the PHP framework Laravel for a better optimization of the resource to the server.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL