is a new website showing the results from the Bulgarian National Lottery Games, 6/49, 6/42 and 5/35. It is translated only in Bulgarian language. The website is developed using the PHP framework Laravel.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Heros Vision

Heros Vision Ltd was founded in 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its main activities are related to multiple genre projects in the fields of art, culture and media. According to the projects’ context the company collaborates with experts with different backgrounds who contribute to the final result: a product of high quality, professionalism and creative vision. One of the main goals of the projects is to develop a multi cultural dialogue and to establish sustainable international partnerships.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL


Getix is a web based power market analysis service that merges fundamental data with power market know-how. We offer high resolution short term forecast of fundamentals and prices as well as an extensive history of exchanges and cross border capacity data. Getix aims to develop into a power trading social network with trading capability.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX


BETPORTAL is very known site for football predictions, betting bonuses, etc. that supports versions in four languages​​: Bulgarian, French, German and English. In this project our requirement was to do redesign the site and to rewrite all the code using the PHP framework Laravel for a better optimization of the resource to the server.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL


ELANA is one of the largest financial groups in the non-banking sector in Bulgaria with 26 years of experience in developing innovative products and services on the Bulgarian financial market.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Javascript

Campus & Company

Campus & Company is a young team of German experts in the field of economics and human resources. Their requirement were to make the platform very simple, but with attractive design, in which students can register and enter their personal data about university and work experience. Based on different criteria and tests we generate a rating for every single student. The higher rating, the more attractive is this student for the companies that have access to this site.

Technologies used: PSD, xHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL